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1 Herbal 8oz Bath tea plastic jar (5-6 baths)

"Soothing skin" helps with - Break outs, Eczema, rash, allergic reaction, poison ivy, dry skin, relaxation, sleep, itchiness, sensitive skin

WARNING: This bath contains baking soda, it is not recommended to use if skin is broken

Ingredients: Oat Flour, calendula, Egyptian rose petals, baking soda,  

D I R E C T I O N S:

Option 1: Boil herbs for 2-3 mins, turn off stove and let herbs sit for 10-15 mins, & add water to bath for the BEST RESULTS

Option 2: Pour Tea directly into bath while water is running, soak in bath with herbs

**** SOAK FOR AT LEAST 10-15 minutes

Herbal Bath Teas are NOT for consumption

This bath is not vegan and does not contain essential oils

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