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Bodied body polish

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This exfoliating body polish for your whole body head to toe. It helps to achieve EXTREME baby smooth skin while exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. This polish is amazing for skin tightening and getting rid of trapped dirt. 

Apply:  small amount to damp/ wet skin while in shower onto clean skin (be sure to use after washing / cleaning  body)

Use hand or exfoliating glove and apply to skin in a circular motion 

Rinse off skin  throughly 



Benefits  : Smooth skin, hydrated skin, moisturized skin, Glowing skin, Skin tightening 

 Size: 4 fl oz jar 

ingredients: avocado oil, vitamin e oil, cane sugar, pink salt, Aloe Vera, clove oil 

Ready to shop in 3-5weeks 

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